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Street Style: Frank Russell

Frank Russell 001
Frank Russell 002
Frank Russell 003

Shooting another subject at Union Station for an upcoming post, I hear "Take a picture of him." I look over and see two men taking a smoke break in the outer corridor. Referring to his friend, Frank Russell looked incredibly dapper amongst a throng of commuters in his 3-piece suit with pipe in hand. After some coaxing, Frank agreed to have his photo taken but not before he grabbed his hat from the bar. "Not until I put on my hat," he said. Frank's been in front of the camera before. Oh yes. Pose. Pose. Smoke. Pose. Look. Smoke. Pose. He said he's pretty sure he's been on The Sartorialist. Frank, I hope this post inspires men to be on their suit and tie.

Posted on April 17, 2013 and filed under Street Style.