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Introducing the Kicheko Woman: Tiffany Thompson

Thank you for your continued views and feedback about the lookbook. We're continuing to introduce each of the women that embody the "Kicheko Woman" for our Issue No. 2 Lookbook. Tiffany Thompson is the brilliant mind and voice behind Danae, an independent artist based in Nashville, TN. Her sound blends acoustic, pop and EDM with a soulful voice. You can find her music on Danae or live as she tours Germany for the month of June.  Friends, we hope you enjoy getting to know Danae!

Let's start with some fun rapid fire. What's on your playlist now?

Ellie Goulding, Broods, Myself ;)

What podcast are you loving right now?

All Songs Considered 

Most used apps on your phone?

Evernote and Waves 

What recipe can you not get enough of? 

Kale, buffalo chicken, blue cheese dressing 

Which Kicheko designs do you love in the new collection?

Rainbow Aura Crystal Quartz

Name three of your style mavens that inspire your own aesthetic? 

Kate Winslet, Sarah Bayot, West Elm 

If you weren’t at your current job, you would be...

Working at a startup

Next place you want to travel?


Tell us a little about what you do. What do you like about it? Why do you do it? 

I’m a singer/songwriter, recording artist, connector and entrepreneur at heart. Most days are a mix of songwriting, meetings, recording and logistics. Maybe a photo session with smoke bombs on the other days. :) I do it because it’s the work I love most and it’s where my gifting is. I love meeting new people, seeing faces light up with the power of melody and traveling from city to city giving people momentum and joy through song. I love getting the chance to write something that connect with another person on the heart level. 

What is your biggest challenge right now?

Making a living with my music … and more than that making songs that I love and that others will love 

What is one misconception about yourself that you would like to clear up? 

I’m very positive, but I’m not naive.  Just because I choose to walk into the unknown doesn’t that there aren't monsters out there.

What makes your heart happy? 

Good meals with good friends on a beautiful night over great conversation. 

What is something silly that makes you laugh uncontrollably?

Anything after 11 pm when I am tired. I’ll laugh at pretty much anything. ;) 

What's the best thing you learned last year?

You never grow without risking. And you often fail when you risk. So go ahead and risk, fail and learn … it’s the best. 

What's the best thing you have learned so far in 2015?

As much as I wish I wanted to do something else with my life … I love music and am willing to sacrifice my time, finances and self to make it happen. 

What is one unique advantage of being a woman right now? 

There is a freedom to create and manage your own career and a respect for single women passionate about their creative spaces.

What is one disadvantage of being a woman right now? 

If you enjoy doing domestic things like cooking, cleaning, raising kids, it can be seen of as second rate… rather than a truly significant roll in society. 

What injustice breaks your heart?

When someone feels like they cannot move forward because voices around them have spoken death to them instead of life. 

What companies or organizations do you love? Why?

Kicheko Goods, because the excellence of the product matches the depth of the vision. 

Startup Runner, because they pivot and change based on need – with a degree of risk, failure and learning I’ve rarely seen in a company. 

Best advice someone has given you or you have given someone….

Without love, it all means nothing

Not everything you invest in returns financially. Sometimes the non-monetary returns are even more important. 

Lastly, you know why I smile? Cause it’s worth it. (inspired by Marcel the Shell:) 

Learn more about Danae at

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