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Women & Mamas

The women and mamas at CCC are on a whole other level. Clementine, Seraphine, Nabintu, Shalupa, Regina, Cheka, and Ana are some of the women who absolutely hold it down at CCC. They are caretakers to the CCC kids, cooks, cleaners, and gardeners/farmers. They work really hard and while this is their job, they certainly do this out of the abundance in their hearts. The quality and purpose with which they do their work speaks more to their spirit than the tasks they have been assigned as part of the staff at CCC. However, a few ladies from the local community come to CCC every week to volunteer working the garden. CCC is set on a sizable plot of land which makes for some back breaking groundwork as they harvest spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, groundnuts, cassava leaves, and other vegetables. I was able to spend some time with the mamas in the blockhouse kitchen as they prepped tomato sauce and ugali (maize fufu) for dinner. The kitchen has an open doorway and smaller window openings but the smoke generated by the fire oven quickly fills the kitchen with smoke. I coughed quite a bit watching as the ugali was finished off and cannot imagine spending hours in this space to make meals for 60+ people twice a day. There is an outdoor sand square in front of the kitchen where they cook the rest of the meals. It is cordoned off with a UNHCR tarp to give some privacy. Fortunately, this provides more ventilation and space to prep, cook and organize. Seeing them year in and year out, my admiration and love for these women grows. Their heart, strength, perseverance, and joy is just the epitome of beautiful.