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Best Rafikis

Sunday was National Friendship Day and a friendship that I would like to honor and highlight is the one between Jeremiah and Fred. Jeremiah is our friend, host and a father figure to many of us who have visited Uvira for some years now. He has a family of 8 kids but also serves as the legal guardian of the 57 children at the CCC orphanage. Fred is a pastor, father of 4 kids, and is a Swahili-English translator when we visit each year. Fred is also one of Jeremiah's best friends and the two have quite a history with each other. They survived refugee camps together in Kenya, returned to Congo to replant churches and serve their respective communities, had families of their own, and yet, they still tease and laugh with each other like it was yesterday. They face many challenges in serving their communities as pastors but there is a strength and a joy that they draw from each other whenever they hang out. Watching them interact is like watching a ping pong match of conversation usually ending in an exclamation or bursts of laughter. Cheers to 20+ years of friendship, Jeremiah and Fred. We heart you both.

Left: Jeremiah and his wife, Georgette | Right: Fred and his wife, Riziki with their youngest child, Samuel

Posted on August 4, 2014 and filed under Travels.