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Photo Essay: Cherry Blossoms

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Walking Through Blossoms 1
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Line of Men and Me

One of my favorite times of year in DC is cherry blossom season. For two weeks, the cherry blossoms bloom and show off their delicate splendor along the tidal basin where the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial stands prominently on one end, the FDR next to it, and the Jefferson Memorial on the other. A relative B&H of cameras and camera equipment, the basin is chockfull of families strolling, couples picnicking, friends paddle boating, children laughing, and pets meandering. Highly variable due to weather conditions, peak bloom is determined not more than 10 days in advance by the National Parks Service. Peak bloom is declared when about 70% of the Yoschino cherry blossoms bud. Every year tens of thousands of tourists and area residents visit the blossoms celebrating the 1912 gifting of 3,000 cherry trees from Mayor Yukio Ozaki of Tokyo to the city of DC. A festival marks this time of year with special events, performances, parade and and a 10-mile race. Walking along the circular path, one of the fun moments of the morning was capturing these photos of children playing. This one boy in the blue just sat underneath the cherry blossom tree looking so zen and adorable. His dad was obliging and let me take a snap of his son as he chilled and played with his game. Like the blooms making its entrance to greet the spring, I feel the 100,000+ who come to see the blossoms are doing the same. So bare those limbs, lather the spf, put on your sunnies, and take some time to enjoy the little moments of nature that grace our city. Spring is here, we be out!

Outfit Details: Nicole Richie for Macy's Geometric Sweater // Versace for H&M gold-plated pleated crocodile palm tree skirt // J.Crew McAllister wedge booties // Foxy Originals earrings // Anarchy Street bracelet

Photos: Sarah and James Bayot

Posted on April 15, 2014 and filed under Photo Essay.