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Jams: #heavyrotationtuesday


Clockwise: Mike Ness/Under the Influence, The Dig/Midnight Flowers, Eddie Cochran/Best Of, How to Dress Well/Total Loss


Every Tuesday, I'll be featuring my friend and kickass motion graphics designer, Brad Wolf's, music picks. Call it #heavyrotationtuesday. Good. Glad you agree because that's what Brad's decided to call it. Hailing from the United States of Indiana, Brad's talent can be found on display at Plano, TX-based design studio, Already Been Chewed. He dons a fierce mustache, harem pants, and kicks that can buy you a top-grade steak dinner, easy. He also dons good music taste, which is why we're collaborating and sharing these jams with you. Enjoy.

Posted on June 4, 2013 and filed under Jams.