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Palette: Crispy Men's Wear

Vogue February Top Form Feature

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="1838,1836,1839"] New York Fashion Week kicks off today through next Thursday at the venerable Lincoln Theater and a few other venues around the city. The snap of camera shutters, whirr of yellow cabs, and clicks of heels and boots are just the minor parts of the cacophony that fashion week brings to the capitals it presents. Editors jot, photogs maneuver, attendees instagram, buyers appraise, models strut, and conveniently runways are live streamed. One of the trends that I whole-heartedly believe is timeless and universal no matter where you are on the style curve is the men's dress shirt. Typically, imagined for the male form, this season, countless brands and retail shops are reimagining the dress shirt for women too. Crispy collars, loose tailoring, polka dots, stripes, french cuffs, or shirt dresses, the dress shirt has innumerable possibilities. The feel of a freshly ironed button down, the snap of a cufflink, the tucked in feel when it fits just oh so right - dress shirts are versatile to the play of the day or the demands of the board room.

Net-a-Porter "The Edit," Banana Republic Textured Weave Dress Shirt, Kicheko Floral Lavender Cufflinks, Vogue "What to Wear Where: Top Form"