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Travels: Pura Vida Vintage

During the #downsouthtour earlier this month, Tiffany and I stumbled upon this vibrant barn boutique in Nashville called Pura Vida Vintage. Located on Music Row and with an online store, PVV launched a soft opening in preparation for its grand reopening on August 20. A convergence of vintage passion meets bespoke tailoring, PVV is the Music Row partnership of Krystle Ochsner Ramos and Aaron McGill. A singer in the music industry for 15 years with a decade of corporate experience, Krystle is the owner of PVV and has combined forces with Aaron McGill of Only One Tailoring.

Believing that no one should wear sloppy vintage, PVV offers onsite tailoring, customizing the clothing to customers' body types and measurements. Enamored with the colorful racks full of decades of styles in shoes, tops, dresses and more, I purchased a floor-length B&W Polka Dot Sundress and a Watercolor Sundress among other pieces. Having the opportunity to shoot with them in the right settings, I was also fortunate enough to learn more about PVV's vision and unique fingerprint on the Nashville fashion scene from a recent conversation with Krystle.

PVV combines tailoring with vintage. Explain a bit more and how you feel this is a unique offering in Nashville. 

Since vintage clothing is not only one of a kind, but generally cut very differently than clothes made today, offering onsite alterations is kind of a no brainer! I was fortunate enough to meet Aaron, who works with many stylists and country music artists, so he's incredibly talented. There are no other vintage clothiers in Nashville that offer the service onsite with a full time alterations specialist.

What was PVV before the merge?

I began selling vintage online about a year ago and decided to open a brick and mortar store shortly thereafter in March. Only One Tailoring was started by Aaron's mother over a decade ago. He has since taken over the business and has been in the Music Row location for three years. Aaron had been wanting to open a vintage showcase in his location but didn't want to compete with me. He approached me a few months ago and we decided to move the store to his location and work together to bring both of our businesses more visibility and revenue.

How do you feel your location on Music Row sets you apart from other vintage shops?

Being the only vintage clothing store on Music Row is a definite advantage, simply because of the location in relation to the music industry and tourist volume. Being in the red barn building is also interesting because before it was a barn, it was a house dating back to the 1880s. My shop is part of the original about vintage! I try to make it feel like an upscale boutique rather than a hippie head or costume shop.

Describe your personal style.

Well, because I'm a singer and am very comfortable onstage, I don't mind wearing stuff that's a little crazy or avant garde, like an 80s futuristic looking jumpsuit with patent leather booties. Okay, that's my alter ego. My daytime style is boho comfort. I love 70s maxi dresses, lace, and hats. My parents were hippies so I guess that explains it.

What is your favorite piece in your store?

An early 60's Travilla White Sunburst Pleated Gown (Travilla was Marilyn Monroe's main designer). This dress is so meticulously made, it's crazy. Also, a black sheer yoke LBD (little black dress) from the 50s with a satin skirt. It's just incredibly tailored and fits me to a "t."

Where do you source the vintage pieces?

I do a lot of thrifting in more rural stores; go on out of town shopping excursions with my mom in Eastern, WA and Tempe, AZ; as well as online auctions and estate sales. I also do some consignment with a few people who have an excellent eye for vintage. They are like buyers for me really!

If you could style any musician or celebrity, who would it be?

Oh my, this is difficult. I would love to style Hayden Panettiere, simply because she's adorable and so tiny, she would actually fit into every gorgeous piece I have!

What is your favorite thing about owning PVV? 

The or lose, I call the shots! I am okay with making mistakes and learning from them.

Pure Vida Vintage B&W Polka Dot Sundress

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Viva la vintage friends!