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Floral Crowns & Seminary Grounds


"Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown," William Shakespeare penned in Henry IV, Part 2. While I agree with that statement most days, a recent photoshoot I produced and also designed a number of floral crowns for the models, gives me reason to edit this saying to "gorgeous are the heads that wears these crowns."

Erica Baker Photography and I partnered up to produce this editorial photoshoot for Kicheko's summer earring collection at the historic Forest Glen Seminary. Nestled by the beltway in a quaint part of Silver Spring, MD, we gathered before the break of dawn at this once seminary and medical facility.

Make up done, floral wreaths crowned, looks styled, lenses adjusted - magic then ensued. Wanted to give you a preview of this amazing day - these are a few shots I took during the shoot. Kicheko Summer Lookbook releases early July. Stay tuned! Stay magical! For tutorials on making your own floral crowns, check out this post on cocorosa