Billy Olsbo Is Not My Lover

He's just a door who claims I am the one. 

One of the best parts of what I do is taking made pieces and reimagining them as new. For example, I deconstruct rolled magazine bead necklaces sourced from Uganda and combine them with gold-filled findings, chain, and beads to create the beaded cosmopolitan earrings and the tribal asymmetrical opera and lariat necklaces.

When it comes to my market display, I decided to reimagine an Ikea showroom Billy Olsbo door and turn it into a clean and simple tabletop using copper pipe. Purchased on discount from the "As-Is" section of Ikea, the underside came pre-drilled with 3/4" holes wherein I attached copper male adaptors from Home Depot. I also purchased four 3/4" floor flanges and 12 feet of 3/4" L-strength copper pipe. 

Copper Legs 2.JPG

I decided not to solder the legs and adaptors because I need to be able to take the tabletop apart and stow it in pieces for storage reasons due to the limited square footage in our studio apartment. It's a cozy set-up and my husband and I are both fond of the home we've started our married years in but we know we are outgrowing the studio. Until we can find a suitable upgrade in space, we need to get creative with storage. Ready for its debut, we added the BO tabletop to the setup for last Saturday's DC Meet Market on 15th & P NW. The market brings together music, food and 40 vendors ranging from jewelry, skincare, apparel, and home decor. I set the BO table and my regular 6-foot folding table as an open L-shape. Adding new necklace displays, wooden serving bowls, and photos of the children from CCC in Congo, the table looked polished and clean allowing the necklaces to take centerstage on the display.

Watching customers and canines interact with the table, I learned that I probably need to add another supporting piece - either a saw horse or an X-bracket, so the table avoids bowing in the middle and being easily shaken when people lean on it or puppies run into it. With each market, the display takes shape with what I imagine in my head as my hands and resources evolve and allow. I am pretty pleased with this reimagining and do hope this gives some inspiration to reimagine what you already own or would like to make. Carry on!

Posted on June 10, 2014 .