Overheard & Read Once: A.A. Gill

"Watch a guy in a suit look at his plate when the server brings his steak. He glares at it just for a moment. It’s not even conscious, but it’s the look of ownership; it’s the pride warning, 'Don’t touch my meat.' A lot of men do something called mantling—that is to lean over the plate, surround it with their arms just for a second. It’s body language that comes from a time before speech. The bit of our brain that deals with taste and appetite is the most ancient in our heads, the bit we share with lizards. Nothing about our menu choices are purely cultural, civilized, or rational. A steak feels, looks, and tastes like winning—a direct connection to our bipedal ancestors. The original reward of victors.

A.A. Gill "The United Steaks of America" | Photo by Dominic Episcopo

United Steaks of America by Dominic Episcopo | Retouch by Stella Digital
Posted on April 19, 2013 and filed under Overheard & Read Once.