Maven Style: Michael Semmel


Describe your style.

Functional, simple, yet developed. Outdoor with a hipster flair. In casual settings, functionality takes the lead. I want my apparel to be comfortable and fitting for each activity. In formal settings, design takes a more prominent role. I consistently have a third piece to tie elements together.

Idea of Whimsy?

Whimsy in me takes the form of adventure. Carefree and frolicking come to mind, yet I find it can also be determined and powerful. My whimsy comes when I hit the trail, start campfires, and dream of mountains. It walks hand in hand with determination, commitment and dreaming. 

Ideal Saturday?

I wake up in my hammock early as the sun crests a far ridge. Before the forest and friends wake up, I sit up and read in the chilly mountain air. Once morning has fully matured, I prepare breakfast to kick off a day of hiking and climbing. We trek over ridges and into valleys ending at a scenic outlook. After a short breather we plunge back to the valley, throw our packs back in our cars and take off to the nearest Cracker Barrel for a home cooked meal and great conversation. After the drive home, sleeping again in my own bed is the perfect end to an amazing Saturday.

Name a few inspirations.

Bear Grylis - His determination in adventure as well as his eloquence and emphasis on the simple joys in life recenter my focus.

Grandpa - His humility and care for those around him is life changing.

What qualities in a woman are undeniable to you?

Loyalty is a must for me. For the days I'm down and don't know how to get up again. For the moments I'm excited about a success and need someone party with. For the times I want to just be...but not alone. Also, one thing that really attracts me to a girl is when she can jump into an outdoor adventure and, well, look good while doing it helps, too! 

Banana Republic Outfit: Slim Fit Linen-Cotton Button Down Shirt, Gavin-Fit Straight Chino, Circle Print Silk Tie // Read Mike's Adventure blog here. Connect via twitter @MikeSemmel

Posted on April 18, 2013 and filed under Maven Style.