Care Instructions

To ensure lasting quality and get the most wear out of your Kicheko, clean as often as needed using a soft, buffing cloth to ensure shine and prevent tarnishing. Apply light pressure on the metal components to maintain the integrity of the gold-plating and gold-fill. For pieces with brass and copper components, clean with a polishing cloth.

Everyone is made different and we love that! Keep in mind that different levels of pH in skin may lend itself to some pieces tarnishing or oxidizing/darkening more quickly than others. Please be mindful of this when wearing jewelry against bare skin or exposing pieces to conditions where one may sweat.

Apply any cosmetics, perfumes, lotions and hairsprays prior to putting on jewelry to ensure that the chemicals in these products does not damage or fade your Kicheko. Avoid excessive exposure to water, especially salt and chlorine, as well as intense exposure to sunlight and sweat. We recommend removing your jewelry before showering, washing dishes, working out, gardening, etc.

Exposure to air oxidizes jewelry over time; we recommend storing your Kicheko in a cool, dark place. Avoid storing in direct sunlight or heat. Storing in pouches or airtight bags works great.

Materials Used in Kicheko:

  • Brass/Copper
  • Rose/Gold-Plating
  • Gold-Fill
  • Sterling Silver
  • Ceramic
  • Leather
  • Natural Stone

With these tips and your care, you’ll enjoy your Kicheko for a long time! Happy styling!

Repair Policy

In the event that your item becomes damaged, we will repair it free of charge within 3 months of purchase. After 3 months, we will repair your Kicheko for a materials and labor fee. Customer is responsible for shipping costs. To initiate repair, email and we will respond with further instructions. 

Return Policy

Due to the handmade and small batch nature of Kicheko’s collections, we cannot accept returns at this time. Each purchase of Kicheko supports education efforts around the world - thank you for your support! If, for any reason, you are deeply dissatisfied with your purchase, email and we’ll do our best to make it right.