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Street Style: Symmetry of Bros

Bros Walking
The Bros
Olive Green Shirt, Bottle Green Shoes, Hunter Green Blazer
Bottle Green Gait

Getting ready for our new niece's baptism this morning, Mikey, Joey, James and Jeff picked outfits independently of one another. Much to my amusement, there was a symmetry about their palette. James and Joey in checkered, gingham shirts and khaki bottoms. Mikey and Jeff in complementary bottle green and hunter green. I dig the deep greens. Mikey sports a Zara Circular Knit Suit Blazer while Jeff's shoes are Cole Haan's Air Charles Chukka.

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Street Style: Moukim

Street Style: Moukim Feeling our blood sugar lowering, we walked along 14th & P St NW to find the first available table at any semi-delicious looking restaurant. While waiting, we walked to the Whole Foods to check out the open air flowers. In my peripherals, I saw him next to the produce aisle waiting for...his wife? girlfriend? friend? Nope, waiting for his son. Dressed in an outfit from Paris, meet Moukim.

Describe your personal style.

Life is short so enjoy the journey. Be kind and make it pleasant and fun.

If you could say one thing to encourage DCers to best express their style, what advice would you give?

Don't be afraid of color!

What music are you listening to right now?

Just finished a two-year resident assignment in Algeria, a great professional and personal experience. So I am still tuned to Warda, Khaled, and the Andalusian music of North Africa.

Favorite place to eat in DC?

Sette, on Connecticut Ave. Please ask for grilled calamari on green salad, pizza with arugula, and bruschetta. It goes exceptionally well with Italian red wine.

Photos by Erica Baker. Check out Baker Stories.

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